Something wrong

Trevor Kavanagh is paraphrased by the BBC:

At any other time the treatment of the journalists would have caused uproar at Parliament and among civil liberty and human rights campaigners, he said.

What ever happened to defending to the death the rights of all, even the unpopular. Is there, perhaps, something wrong with civil liberty and human rights campaigners?


  1. The simple answer is that the campaigners are universally on the progressive left, and they despise Murdoch, and have moved in with the rest of the establishment for the kill of their bete noir.



  2. It is not the specific type of person or the specific actions.

    For telephone “hacking” and paying for stories are common practice among newspaper journalists. The Mirror group newspapers actually “hack” and “blag” more than the News International people do (see Guido on this), and the Guardian people “hack” and so on also (and the Guardian – joined at the hip with the New York Times, the American media have taken a strangely intense interest in a overseas media story, – has led the charge against the News of the World and so on).

    So what is this about? Some journalists attacking others for what they, themseleves, do? And all the “civil liberties crowd” silent -or actually cheering on the effort to destroy major newspapers. Indeed not just newspapers – as this campaign has been used against Fox News (simply on the ground that it is owned by the same company).

    Surely it is not “paranoid” to suggest that this is an effort to DESTROY DISSENT. The real target of this campaign is not even the United Kingdom (where the end of, or the castration of, News International might actually make little difference), the real target is the United States.

    In Britain there are many nonleftist newspapers – in the United States the only major nonleftist newspapers are News International titles (most importantly the Wall Street Journal).

    Also Fox News (and Fox Business) is the only television alternative to the leftist cartel of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (and, of course, PBS).

    Undermine News International (for example by undermnining one man – Rupert M.), and the left will have a monopoly of television in the United States.

    And the ACLU and so on?

    These people are not opposing the campaign – they support it. Remember their claimed support freedom is just a mask for the left, as the (socialist) Founders of the ACLU put it (in letters to each other) “let us cover ourselves in the flag, in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights” i.e. in the principles of the private property based civil society they really hated.

    “That is too cynical Paul” – very well let us see the left defend (really defend) Mr Murdoch.

    This is the test of their sincerity.



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