Party Project Microsite Open

I’d like to notify readers that a new focused discussion area is now open on Libertarian Home. If you would like to discuss Gavin’s project to create a new libertarian party, or wish to advocate other directions, you’ll find opportunities to do so there.

I’ve organised items in this section into “working groups” where particular topics can be discussed by those with opinion on that topic. New topics will be added according to expediency. If your comment doesn’t fit, then leave it below.

Current topics are:

  1. whether we are ready, right now, to discuss the policies of a potential new group. I think not, but wanted to get people’s opinion.
  2. concerning the overall form and structure of a potenial group and it’s approach and position in the market of groups.

If you would like to put forward a longer statment on any of these topics, or any other topic, then you can contribute an article in the normal way.


Note that Policy related discussion is a top-level theme of Libertarian Home already and there are three pages of policy ideas available to dip into. Note that that discussion has been very general and with no particular organisation in mind. If you love to discuss policy options, but aren’t at all interested in the new party project then that is an option for you, otherwise hang around until the meatier discussions begin.


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