Quote of the Day: You don’t need a political party…

You don’t need a political party to get on the ballot as a candidate for public office. Just ask someone like Willie Norwood of Atlantic City, who is a losing candidate for some public office every year.

You don’t need a McDonald’s or Wendy’s franchise to open up a hamburger restaurant. But if you want to sell hamburgers to, or get votes from, thousands of people who know nothing about you, you need a well-known brand name, expensive advertising and a team of experienced and trained marketing professionals. It takes years of hard work and lots of money to build these things from scratch. But you get them instantly from an established franchise.

Seth Grossman

Entryism, anyone?


  1. If people entered a party with their colours openly displayed on a very prominent mast and made no bones about it, then the decision to allow them into an organisation should be left to that organisation.

    What I detest is the Fabian approach of creeping about, incrementally changing and not openly stating ones beliefs, but hoping to “win” by the ratchet and “cleaver” “compromise”*.

    * as in compromise that only, in truth, compromises main strategic points of the other side, while conceding what is puffed to be important but is, in truth, not strategic. It is behaving as an enemy within instead of an open force sincerely trying to shape a future.



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