Anti ACTA and Digital Economy Act March

A bunch of activists* are putting together the UK leg of what is said to be a global day of protest against ACTA, DEA, CDP/CISPA… basically the whole group of intellectual property supporting but freedom sapping legislative acts in America and the UK:

Global day of action and PROTEST against ACTA and as a local (to UK) extra – the Digital Economy Act that was rail-roaded through the final days of the last Labour government. See

Looks like SOPA/PIPA is not as dead as we would have liked either – the Americans have to fight CISPA too now. – very much like the snooping powers that our own government has backed down on (for now). For info on CISPA see

We need all groups to come together on this PROTESTERS, PIRATE PARTYS, SWP’s, UK COLUMN, BRITISH REVOLUTION, LAWFUL REBELLION, THE BRITISH CONSTITUTIONAL GROUP, UK UNCUT, BRISTOL CLASS ACTION, and every other protest group to join to make sure that these Act’s and Law’s are rejected once more.

It kicks off on the 9th of June. I’m posting it here because it’s certainly of interest, but these things are generally chock full of lefties talking about Social Justice, so it’s not a straightforward proposition. I’m interested to know what people think could be a good strategy when these events come along.

* I like that these things aren’t run by one group, it says a lot about social media and how that’s changing things, but it makes it really awkward to write about who is doing what… In this case it seems to be a loose alliance of the Pirate Party, Socialist Workers Party and Anonymous with the Open Rights Group helping out.


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