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  1. Monday will be interesting.

    Senator Rand Paul’s speech. Contrary to the nonsense from the media (such as the Economist magazine) Congresman Paul Ryan has NOT proposed big cuts in Welfare State spending (on the contrary spending would contiune to rise – but at a slower pace), but Senator Paul has.

    Also Autur Davis is (I think) the ex DEMOCRAT Congressman who proposed Barack Obama at the 2008 Democrat Convention.

    The media normally either ignore or vilify black people who turn against the left – it will be interesting to see how the media react to this speech. WIll they ignore it? Or will they vilify the speaker as an evil traitor “Uncle Tom”, Capitalist-running-dog?

    Ann Romney is on partly to counter the Romney-gives-women-cancer-and-laughs-as-they-die campaign that the Chicago Machine have been pushing.



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