Rob Waller says President Obama is a fake (sort of)

Friend of this parish, Rob Waller, was not happy with merely embarrassing Louise Mensch. He’s tuned his app and taken aim at quasi-communist world leader President Barrack Obama (and appeared on CNN).

UPDATE: here’s the video:

This is from Mashable:

President Obama has nearly 19 million Twitter followers, but 70%, or approximately 13 million of them, are fake or “inactive,” according to a new analysis.

About 30% of Obama’s followers — or 5.7 million — were labeled as fake by the analysis, while nearly 40% were found to be inactive.

Mitt Romney’s Twitter account, meanwhile, has less than 900,000 followers according to the analysis, but only 15% of them, or about 135,000, are considered fakes and 31%, or about 270,000, are seen as inactive.

The numbers come from Fake Follower Check, a tool from social media firm StatusPeople that analyzes a sampling of a Twitter account’s followers and checks for telltale signs of fake followers. Fake accounts are those thought to be created for the sole purpose of sending spam, while inactive accounts lack recent updates.

“Fake accounts tend to follow a lot of people but have few followers,” Rob Waller, founder of StatusPeople, told the New York Times in a story about buying and selling Twitter followers. “We then combine that with a few other metrics to confirm the account is fake.”

When Bauser used the Fake Follower Check, it told him 31% — or just under 6 million — of Obama’s followers are fake.

That the stats are not yet 100% doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Seriously, something socially quite important is apparent in the stats and the truth is in the process of outing itself and that’s a good thing.

One Comment

  1. Actually the tweeters themselves are fake.

    When Barack Obama went to visit the Twitter officers he was (naturally enough) asked to tweet – he did, but said it was the first time he had done so (and had to be shown what to do).

    Opps – so who are those people “following” then?

    As for Mitt Romney – I rather doubt he has ever “tweeted” in his life.

    What people are doing is following low level campaign staff members – on both sides.



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