Should I care about the decline of the “Conservative” press?

When I gleefully point out the decline of the left press in Britain (Guardian and KGB “Independent” falling apart – Financial Times down to 50 thousand or so physical sales in this country….), the reply is sometimes give that the Conservative press is also in decline. But I sometimes wonder if I should care – I will give a couple of example to explain why I find it hard to care.

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The Daily Telegraph (supposedly the most high quality newspaper in Britain) ran a terrible obituary of Sir Rhodes Boyson  (a headmaster and Conservative party minister – who was proud to meet and listen to) – literally kicking a man when he is down (indeed dead).

Sir Rhodes had a Lancashire accent  – but the Daily Telegraph, absurdly, claimed he was “inarticulate” and even compared him to John Prescott  (a Labour party minister famous for his inablity to clearly express his thoughts), and it did not stop there. None of the books Sir Rhodes wrote was named – and the obitury had a vile sneering tone.

And over at the rival of the Daily Telegraph – the News International owned Times…..

Well the obituary of Sir Rhodes Boyson was better (I will give them that), but in the same issue (Thursday, August 30th), there was….

American coverage that claimed that Paul Ryan planned to “slash” American govenrment spending, destroy the “safety net” and leave people to the “vaguaries of the free market”.

In reality Paul Ryan just want to slow the growth  of American government spending – the coverage in the Times was fantasy.

And in British coverage?

The latest proposal by the leader of the Liberal Democratic party for higher taxes was opposed by the Times – but with their own proposal for higher taxes – an end to “loopholes” “taken advantage of by the rich” (and on and on).

If this is the “Conservative Press” I will not be too upset to see it go.


  1. My apologies for typing mistakes people.

    Typed very late at night – and with only a couple of hours before another shift.

    My own fault – if I spent more of my time off work sleeping (and less time internet feuding with old enemies of mine) I would type a lot better.

    At least Harry Marks (my father) got some physical exercise from his feuds – he was the only man I know of to get into fights against both Fascists and Communists in the East End of London in the 1930s (well both groups were evil collectivists so……..).

    I do not even get any physical exercise from my feuds.



  2. Let the market do its work of purging. I haven’t bought a newspaper for years, and have no desire to get behind Murdoch’s paywall. I am not against paying for content per se, but don’t feel the need for the Times.



    1. Agreed.

      If one has to pay for stuff behind a paywall it has to be worth paying for – and the stuff in the Times is (mostly) not worth paying for.



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