Self-Defence: the most basic right of all

The shooting of two suspected burglars in a Leicestershire farmhouse has yet again exposed the hostility of the state to that most fundamental of human rights: the right to self-defence. Tonight the police have charged two out of four men arrested following the incident. The other two have been released on bail, and the two householders have finally been released, but also only on bail. No doubt the police will make them sweat for a few weeks or months before telling them that no charges will be made.

No one is denying the necessity to properly investigate such matters, but something is clearly wrong with police procedures, if they routinely hold for days on end those victims of crime who have the guts and the wherewithal to defend themselves. Unless there is something more to this story than first appears, the victims have been treated appallingly.

The notion of individuals defending themselves against aggression seems to bother the statists far more than crimes like burglary.  If they really cared about dealing with crime, they’d be handing out shotguns to householders, and pinning medals on those who bag a burglar, but they prefer us passive and dependent. For this reason, even though they grudgingly concede to our right to self-defence, they have done all they can to take away the means to exercise this right.




The illustration depicts another farmhouse, photographed by K H Rawlings and edited for tone.


  1. Joe “Stalin” (fake name of course) tried to abolish the right of self defence (it was for the police to defend you against criminals – not for people to defend themselves, still less to COME TO THE DEFENCE of people whose property was under attack).

    Some Marxist governments even tried to discourage the private ownership of “dangerious dogs” (suggesting that people keep pigs instead) .

    It is depressing (although sadly not astonishing) that the West is going down this road.

    The Conservative party was pledged, before the last election, to support the right to defend one’s property and so deserves to be judged on this.

    However, as the people who care about the right of self defence did not tend to vote for Mr David Cameron to be leader of the Conservative party, he may feel that he can ignore such opinions.

    That would be a mistake on the part of Mr Cameron.




    “Andy and Tracey Ferrie were woken in their remote cottage in the early hours by the sound of breaking glass and were confronted by masked Daniel Mansell, 33. Mansell was out of prison on licence, after being released in March last year having been convicted of grievous bodily harm.”

    And it took three f***ing days for plod to release the couple and they’re still threatened with GBH charges.



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