Cameron’s hand-me-down rhetoric on crime is fooling no one

David Cameron’s speech to the so-called Centre for Social Justice lacked only one thing. If he could have sneaked in the phrase ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’, the crowd of assembled hacks could have all jumped up together waving their bullshit bingo cards fully completed.

The one thing this country assuredly does not need is a load more vacuous rhetoric about punishment and rehabilitation. Cameron should either shut up or do something, but I suppose, given he doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do or how he would go about doing it, maybe it’s better he does nothing.

Libertarians cannot support the kind of ‘zero tolerance’ approach that the right-wing drool over, for the simple fact that there are two many things which are currently labeled crimes which should not be considered so. When people are being sent to jail for tweeting unpleasant jokes and wearing provocative t-shirts, it is impossible to throw in one’s lot with the hang ’em flog ’ems. This does not mean that libertarians consider real crimes lightly.

One Comment

  1. Libertarians should be promoting the advantages of a restitution-based system. This would deter and punish genuine crimes (ie aggression), compensate victims who currently are left without recourse, and spare the taxpayer the indignity of being stolen from again in order to fund prison stays.



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