Tumbrils Roll!

Oh dear, the nation’s beloved Aunty Beeb has been transformed into Tommy’s dirty Uncle Ernie. Some in the libertarian blogosphere have been preaching against the mob mentality, seeing it directed by our enemies, the hated forces of puritanism. But, would it not be a crying shame to waste this opportunity to kick that Stalinist monstrosity, that coercively-funded, propaganda-spewing, media megalith when it’s down?


  1. I must confess that I agree with you Richard – my sense of fair play being overwhelmed by my hatred for the BBC.

    They are down on the ground – kick em, kick em, kick em.



  2. This is a good opportunity to argue for the end of the license fee, as the BBC has shown it is not worthy of it and taxpayer funds should not be used to fund any kind of entertainment.



    1. It’s not exactly taxpayer funds. It is optional. And I don’t pay it. It’s actually worse than taxpayer funds – it’s a levy which you have to pay to watch any live broadcast television. If you don’t pay the levy, you’re not allowed to watch the news on TV – on any channel. You are thus forcibly detached from a major part of the information age. It’s the other side of the freedom of speech coin – the freedom to listen. By not paying the levy, I am partially removed from the democratic process as I don’t have the same level of access to information.



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