Tech: UN Advocates Global Internet Censorship With UK Backing

UN Advocates Global Internet Censorship With UK Backing

Shortly before I was forced to abandon my efforts, I mentioned how the United Nations was advancing the International Telecommunications Union to become literally the global controller of the internet. Today, a report has become the focus of attention from the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime entitled, The Use Of The Internet For Terrorist Purposes. But before all you crazy Libertarians get worried about civil liberties, you’ll be happy to know that the report took such concerns and gave them some deep, rational analysis that… Nope, couldn’t say it with a straight face.

34. As noted in subsection B.1(b) above, the proscription of incitement to terrorism
may involve restrictions on freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is not an
absolute right. It may be restricted, subject to satisfaction of strictly construed tests of
legality, necessity, proportionality and non-discrimination, when that freedom is used
to incite discrimination, hostility or violence.

405. For example, ISPs may require users to provide identifying information prior to
accessing Internet content and services. The collection and preservation of identifying
information associated with Internet data, and the disclosure of such information, subject to the appropriate safeguards, could significantly assist investigative and prosecutorial proceedings. In particular, requiring registration for the use of Wi-Fi networks or
cybercafes could provide an important data source for criminal investigations. While
some countries, such as Egypt, have implemented legislation requiring ISPs to identify
users before allowing them Internet access, similar measures may be undertaken by
ISPs on a voluntary basis.

I guess trying to get these measures passed under the auspices of protecting Hollywood wasn’t working out too well. Let’s just shout terrorism over and over again and see if that works and in case there’s any stragglers not suckered in, let’s remind them that such wonderful governments as that of Egypt, who have such sensitivity to civil rights issues, have already enforced similar measures.

What’s more interesting about this report is how it was funded by the UK government which at the moment is trying to exact some of the prescriptions shown in this report. Who wants to chalk it up to coincidence? Come on, there’s gotta’ be someone out there that gullible!

Superman Quits Daily Planet As Journalism Dies To Become Blogger

Issue 13 of Superman in The New 52 series will see Clark Kent, aka, Superman, quit the Daily Planet to become a blogger. Whilst this is not the first time Superman has left the Daily Planet, the fact that this is happening in The New 52 is significant as it is currently considered the primary, canon Superman arc.

While unconfirmed as the legitimate contents of the issue, Mashable has run with an image displaying Kent complaining, “I’ve been a journalist for barely five years now. Why am I the one sounding like a grizzled ink stained wretch who believes news should be about–I don’t know, news?”

EU To Fine Microsoft For Violating Anti Trust Deal

All hail the European Union! Without it’s wisdom, we would not be able to find alternative browsers to Internet Explorer!

Without going into the bullshit of anti trust, in 2009 the European Union decided that it was unfair that Microsoft got to choose what browser came pre installed on it’s own operating system. So, it came to a ‘deal’ with Microsoft that it would from now on offer alternative browsers to Internet Explorer when you installed the Operating System. Because you know, the fact that I have 70+ year old uncles who figured out how to download and install Chrome by themselves without anyone being coerced into shoving it in their faces should not be regarded as a sign that without the glorious assistance of the European Union, there would be no alternative to Internet Explorer.

Frankly, I don’t think that whoever’s handling the anti trust cases up at the EU should be projecting their incompetency onto the rest of us. But what do I know. ALL HAIL THE EUROPEAN UNION!

BPI Demands 3 More Sites Be Blocked

Following on from the blocking of the Pirate Bay, BPI has returned to ask that 3 more sites be censored in the United Kingdom. Kickass Torrents, H33t, and Fenopy. According to TorrentFreak,

…the ISPs have all refused to voluntarily comply with the BPI’s request – at least in the absence of a court ruling.

As a result, BPI is already on it’s way to the High Court. No points for guessing the outcome of this case.

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