Today’s lunatic anti-smoker

Maybe not exactly today’s, but it’s only now come to my attention. From the Guardian:

A new version of Clement C Moore’s classic festive poem A Vist from St Nicholas, better known by its first line, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, has removed all mentions of Santa Claus’s pipe in a bid to limit children’s exposure to images of smoking…

The cultural vandal responsible, Canadian publisher Pamela McColl, writes:

“I have edited out a few words and lines that reference Santa smoking and removed the cover illustration of his pipe. The omission of these few words do not change the material intent of the author nor do they infringe on the reader’s understanding or enjoyment of this historically-rich story, but by removing these words we may save lives and avoid influencing new smokers … the best way to honour Santa and this story is to make him smoke-free.”

As noted in the article, the Amazon product description contains the following:

Publishers note: It was our sincere pleasure to act on Santas express wishes. As the direct link between the exposure to the depiction of characters smoking and youth initiation to nicotine has been well established, we were compelled to make these recommended changes.

I haven’t got a lot to add. If the above does not revolt you, you’re part of the problem.

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