1. Comrade Barack Obama is just terrible.

    The whole attack (which went on for hours) was filmed and watched in Washington D.C. (real time).

    The high ups did not care.

    They still do not care.

    They are just trying to spin things out till after the election.

    And the “mainstream” media are helping them – for example by treating the families of the dead with contempt.



  2. Yes Richard the father (and others) is listened to by Hannity (and others on Fox News) – but most people are taught not to watch Fox News.

    They watch – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS.

    It is not a level playing field when only one station dissents from the “liberal” left line (and is not Hannity only on cable and sat anyway?).

    Of course the first order of business of a relected Comrade Barack would be to find some way to close down Fox News (or castrate it) and talk radio also.

    Then the economic collapse will be blamed on “the rich” and “the corporations” with no dissent.

    The corporate owned “msm” following the same anti big business line that Hollywood does.

    It is not about ratings (for example when a anti leftist film gets made it often does very well) it is the triumph of ideology over money.

    Think of the ratings that an interview with this father of a dead hero would get.

    Yet you will not see him interviewed by Brian Williams on the NBC broadcast evening news.

    It will not happen as the “creative people” put their ideological loyality to “the cause” (the collectivist cause they were taught about in school, college and in the “Schools of Journalism”) above “vulgar” commercial things.



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