WordPress to accept Bitcoin

Oh the irony, a story about WordPress held up from reaching Libertarian Home readers by… you guessed it… WordPress. The little widget called Jetpack that runs the comments around here is playing up and denying @RightWingHippy his freedom of speech, though not deliberately, and only around here. Nevertheless RWH is chomping at the bit, and rightly so because this story is pretty damn big.

© ZCopley

Erik Voorhees of Genesis Block describes it as “arguably the most important single event thus far in Bitcoin’s history”. That’s Bitcoin, the inflation free, resilient distributed digital currency, and the news is that the software company behind 57 million websites including bits of Forbes, the FT and dozens of other mainstream websites is now accepting it.

Over to Erik Voorhees:

Stated simply, WordPress recognizes that Bitcoin offers something that no other payment system can – a means of payment by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. Bitcoin has no Terms of Service.  As WordPress explains, “Merchants who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone.”

Bitcoin is money without prejudice. It is money incapable of discrimination, and this is why WordPress is standing by it, “With Bitcoin we join a new digital economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind, essentially making financial transactions open source — something WordPress.com is behind 100%. “

Clearly, WordPress is not just a cold corporate entity adding yet another payment option in hopes of gaining marginally more market share in some obscure demographic. Rather, they are taking a stand in favor of certain ideals – namely, freedom. More specifically in this case, WordPress is defending the freedom of speech, a freedom everyone claims to support yet so few actually do.

I have one thing further to add here. The speculation at Brian Micklethwait’s Bitcoin get together was that Bitcoin would really take-off if either:

  • You could buy something seriuously useful, more useful to the mainstream than guns and drugs.
  • You could transfer wealth conveniently to somewhere else, to buy something useful in another currency.

WordPress is not exaclty mainsteam, not in the way that food and diesel are, but it brings another 57 million people to the Bitcoin market to spend money on WordPress add-ons. Here’s the thing: what are WordPress going to spend it on?


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