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  1. “Be friendly with the media”.

    Most of the American media are committed statists – trained in Progressive ideology in their “Schools of Journalism” (although they are the sort of people who tend to be collectivists before they even arrived at the School of Journalism).

    However, they may PRETEND to accept the friendship of libertarians – if they think you will take some votes from the Republican candidate ahd help the Democrat win.

    The best thing to do is not talk to the msm at all – or if you must talk to them, insist on talking to them LIVE only (so they can not edit your words).

    “But we also take votes from Democrats with our socially liberal stance…” – does not happen that way brother, libertarian candidates take votes from the Republican, not the Democrat.

    People may pretend to care about “Gay Marriage” and so on – but what they really care about is money. Are you pro “Social Justice” (free stuff at the expense of someone else) or against it – nothing else matters much at election time.

    “This is all council of despair Paul”.

    Not at all – as it forgets the PRIMARY statge.

    Get involved with your local Republican Liberty Caucus (if in the United States) and make sure that there is a LIBERTARIAN Republican standing in the Primary (if there is not – let it be YOU).

    And then work your socks to try and get the Libertarian Republican to win the Primary – and then the General Election.



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