1. There are many reasons why people might vote for UKIP:

    1. Anti-EU
    2. Anti-immigration/multi-culturalism
    3. That Nigel bloke comes across well on the telly
    4. Anyone but the big three
    5. Tactical
    6. Libertarianism

    I would be interesting to know what proportion of UKIP voters voted for each of the above reasons. I suspect the ranking may not be too far removed from the order I’ve listed them in above.



  2. Being against the European Union does mean being, de facto, against a layer of government – and the layer of government from which most new regulations come from.

    Certainly being against the E.U. does not mean that someone is an anarchocapitalist (or even a minimal statist) – but it is to be welcomed.

    And if people in politics can not even say they are against the European Union (indeed actually support it – as Mr Cameron does) nothing good can be expected from them.

    Ditto newspapers and magazines.

    If such a publication says “we are in favour of free markets and rolling back the state” and then turns out to be in favour of the European Union…… one knows one is facing a con trick. The publication is not really free market at all – not even in a moderate sense.

    Quite the contrary.



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