Gun prohibition is the brainchild of white middle-class liberals

“Gun prohibition is the brainchild of white middle-class liberals who are oblivious to the situation of poor and minority people living in areas where the police have given up on crime control. Such liberals weren’t upset about marijuana laws, either, in the fifties when the busts were confined to the ghettos. Secure in well-policed suburbs or high-security apartments guarded by Pinkertons (whom no one proposes to disarm), the oblivious liberal derides gun ownership as “an anachronism from the Old West.”

Don B. Kates, Jr., “Handgun Control: Prohibition Revisited,” Inquiry (December 5, 1977), quoted by Murray N. Rothbard in ‘For a New Liberty‘ (pg 142)


  1. When an honest and decent middle aged man in Chicago (who had seen murders and had barely escaped with his life) asked permission from the authorities to arm himself to protect his life and home – they said NO.

    The criminals in his part of Chicago were (and are) armed (illegally) and they murdered (and still murder) as they felt like it (as the law keeping part of the population were unarmed – as they are in Mexico). Chicago has a vast number of murders – and the national media DO NOT CARE (as it would be a problem for the Democrat Obama Machine who run the city if the murders were made a national story).

    Oh by the way…… the man who was denied the chance to defend himself, was black.

    He took his case to the courts (all the way to the Supreme Court) and they ruled in his favour.

    Yet the Chicago Machine still enforce “gun control” (i.e. VICTIM DISARMAMENT) in the city.

    They are lawless bandits – no better than the street gangs who commit the murders.

    And the national (and international) media do not care.

    They ignore they blood soaked streets of Chicago – it is a “non story”.

    And they ignore the corrupt Machine that disregards the law and rules the city by force and fraud – because to report on the “Culture of Corruption” (the “Chicago Way”) would be a problem for the Chicago Machine Mr and Mrs Obama.

    The international media are corrupt – rotten to the core.

    Like the universities that produce them.



    1. Gun control has always been aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding black people, both before and after the Civil War. Originally this was clearly, unambiguously stated. Black people make up a disproportionate part of the victims of gun crime and other crime, and are put in the situation of having to be disarmed potential victims or arming themselves and being considered criminals.



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