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  1. Thomas Woods is correct.

    Those who confuse being a libertarian with being a libertine are just flat wrong.

    Indeed a libertine is (and always has been) more likely to be a statist – hopeing that the collectiive will fund their “life style” (thus “freeing them from work”).

    The “frree love” – “flower power” types of the late 1960s were not exactly pro free market economics, rather than the contrary.

    A libertarian is more likely to say “you can not save souls by coercing bodies” that claim that humans are (or should be) simply mindless pleasure seekings.

    To side with Gladstone – of one thing I am certain, it is not by the state that we will get moral improvement.

    Rather than to deny that there is any such thing as morality.


    It is possible for a libertine to also be a libertarian (i..e to believe in the private property rights based nonaggression principle). Just not a very useful libertarian.

    O.K. brother – you get drunk in the corner if you want to.

    Just do not expect me to buy you another bottle.



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