1. Why does this twat want what he is pleased to call “equal marriage”? How can he possibly imagine that desiring the blessing of State or Church for his formal partnership with man, woman or pet hamster is remotely libertarian? Sounds like a petulant whinger, and UKIP is better off without him.



  2. The question is Anthony, why should the state be required to approve any marriage? People were happily getting together for millennia before states existed. Some chose religious rites, some cut their hands and mixed blood, some jumped over sticks. If two (or more) people want to be married, then who are you, I or the government to stop them? If they want to call it a marriage, then fine. You don’t have to personally agree it’s a marriage, but you can hardly stop people getting together, going through some form of ceremony, and then announcing it to the world if they want.

    Remove the state (and by implication the state’s established church) from all this and everyone will be happier. No one will be forced into presiding over something they don’t agree with and you’ll not be forced to accept the validity of the union if you don’t like it.



    1. Exactly so James, much the way I see it. Rather a lot of those agitating for “gay marriage” seem to miss this point though – perhaps they want to be equal victims of bureaucracy and State approval, or something.



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