“Left-wing conspiracy at Aunty Beeb”

Owen JonesSomeone called Owen Jones is thinking of starting a new left-wing campaigning organisation. Something about “capitalism’s crisis” blah blah. Mark Wallace thinks that’s a waste of time. Anyway I read the sales pitch just in case I could learn anything about campaigning organisations in general. Apparently, some people are upset about some cuts, which means that:

Ugly forces are more than happy to benefit from a widespread mood of revulsion at the political establishment. Nigel Farage has benefited from a ubiquitous presence on our TV screens – so much for a left-wing conspiracy at Aunty Beeb

Unless, Mr Jones, the left-wing BBC figure they can split the right. Ho hum. Mind you, I like his conclusion:

Our country’s greatest movement consists of those screaming with exasperation at their TV sets. Time to break the isolation of those who want an alternative to the bleak future currently on offer. The era of the SWP and its kind is over; a new movement is waiting to be born.

Ah ah… yes those un-leveraged slacktivists. I mustn’t forget them. No really…

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