The stupid cookie law is dead at last

The ICO has announced that their own use of cookies is reverting to 2009, with a bigger warning. Thank god the holier than thou Information Commissioner has realised that reality it what it is, unless you can invent something better, and accepted common sense.

Silk Tide write:

The Information Commissioner’s Office – who for brevity I’ll call Fickle the Clown – says they’re doing this “so that we can get reliable information to make our website better”. They’ve changed their mind because “many more people are [now] aware of cookies”.

In future Fickle will use a banner to tell their visitors that by visiting their website they consent to the use of cookies, and they’ll link to a page explaining what cookies are and how to disable them in your browser. So exactly what websites were doing in 2009, except in a bigger font.

Click through for more info graphics. Worth every moment.


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