Huhne: I’ll leave the gloating to others

I’m no fan of Chris Huhne.  I think the policies he pursued in government were wrong-headed and damaging to the economy, and no doubt he suffered from a condition prevalent amongst politicians; myopic, hubristic egotism. On this last score, fear not! There is a cure, and Huhne has already started his course of treatment.

I shall not be joining those who wish to gloat over the man’s fall from favour. Kicking a man when he’s down is demeaning and petty. It’s not as if his crime was serious. The paltriness of the matter only throws into sharp relief those wicked acts of the political class which go unpunished. To paraphrase Uncle Joe; kill one man, you’re a murderer; kill a million. you’re a statesman.  The Bible talks of straining out a fly, while swallowing a camel. Huhne’s peccadillo is not even a fly – a mere microbe. His big mistake seems to have been leaving his wife. Had he not done that, this matter would never have come to light. Meanwhile, we wait in vain for the police to allocate the necessary resources to inquire into the ignoble Lord Mandelson and his dealings whilst EU Commissioner, to name but one example.

If Huhne’s destruction is supposed to make me feel like our justice system is working impartially and working well, I remain unconvinced.

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