Thursday speaker: Michael Rudd

michael-rudd-open-micMost of the regular readers here will know Michael one way or another. Either as the easy going regular at the monthly meetup or that bloke with the yellow flag at Rally Against Debt. Michael also spoke at our highly successful Open Mic Night on the topic of Gold and speculated about whether there was more to gain by shorting gold miners rather than buying the commodity.

A dedicated anarcho-capitalist Michael will be speaking for a second time to introduce us to under-appreciated libertarian Garret Garrett. A candle of the John Birch Society he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as someone who powerfully opposed the New Deal and may have inspired Ayn Rand’s character John Galt and the railroad plot of Atlas Shrugged (with his book The Driver) he’s certainly worthy of our attention. Michael will brief us on his biography, his fiction, political writing and historical significance in full on Thursday.

Michael doesn’t talk about himself very often, though he’s told us he’s been working at a business in financial advice and planning. With a degree in Physics and a CIMA accounting qualification he actually started off doing the stock accounting for a pipeline management company Simon Engineering (good name!). Moving to specialise in telecommunications he also helped to plan capital expenditure for major telecommunications companies including T-Mobile, where he had the un-enviable role of persuading senior managers not to blow their budgets on unjustified expenditure, something he did with a mastery detail and a command of the figures.

Oh and the answer about Gold? Well, it was going fine but then there was Timbuktu.

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