LibHome author gives exclusive talk

Brian Micklethwait has bravely invited the general public, or at least the Samizdata reading public to his home where, about now, they will hear this blog’s Richard Carey give a talk on Austrian Economics, its history and how it relates to libertarianism.

In reality, I think Brian packs out his “Brian’s Fridays” evenings with industry insiders that he has known for years and so they are attended by a very well-known and very knowledgable crowd. It’s the kind of crowd who end up accidentally standing next to their own names because one of the books they wrote happens to be on the shelf behind them. It is very pleasing to see Richard invited to speak, and it does amount, at least indirectly if not better, to an endorsement of his excellent work on this blog.

I will be inviting him to repeat his talk at the Rose and Crown in the future, where it can be videoed for wider dissemination.


    1. Aha.Brian has caught me on my phone. At least he didn’t snap me eating.
      The contents of the note on my phone is “Richard Overton, Lilburn”. A later note read “In defence of extreme apriorism“, because what is a evening of libertarian politics without a non-trivial diversion into epistemology?

      I was unable to track down “Lilburn” after the event. Overton was a leveller (falsely so called, I’m told) and pamphleteer.



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