Liberty league 2013 review

Liberty league forum 2013 has done it again. Last years was well worth the trip to Newcastle, and this years was just as good. I’m certain no-one left feeling like they hadn’t learnt something useful.

The cost of the ticket to attend not only reasonable but a good investment. All meals are paid for, and free books are given out. Some tickets got accommodation included.

Last year the highlight was Jamie Whyte, he dropped out this time, but this year Randy Barnett was a big hit. He was plugging his book “The structure of liberty” in which he tries to get to the fundamentals of liberty. This book is now top of my very vast reading list.

The guests included a very diverse set of people including Benny Wenda, who is fighting for West Papua independence, to Linda Whetstone from the Network for a Free Society. Its very informative to see what projects are going on around the world.

The event is a great chance to network with other people however it might have been improved in a couple of ways:

  • The first is that simultaneous lectures mean some very useful topics are missed.
  • The other is that some people do not know anyone there and end up wandering alone. I saw one tweet saying “Say hello if you see me, as its not much fun walking around by myself”
  • It would be good if people could say if they were attending alone and be put at a table with other alone people, or sat together in some way during lectures.
  • Opportunities, it would be good with all this attendance if it could be turned into action. It would be good if the organisations attending and supporting the event to offer positions or open days to see how their organisations work.

Thank you for organising Anton, well worth your time to do so.

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