Gerard Casey on Libertarianism

Professor Gerard Casey speaking on 17th April 2013 to the newly-formed Queen’s University Belfast Libertarian Society:

From the YouTube blurb:

“The QUB Libertarian Society is proud to present a recording of a talk given by Professor Gerard Casey in Queen’s on Wednesday 17th April. In this talk he outlines the core ideals that make up Libertarianism. There is a Q&A session at the end which will will be subtitled as the questions are hard to hear.”

Professor Casey is the author of “Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State“, which he discusses with Tom Woods in this interview. He also discusses Ireland’s system of non-state law in this separate clip, a subject which has interested me since reading an article from the Journal of Libertarian Studies by Joseph Peden entitled “Property Rights in Celtic Irish Law“.

BTW; it’s heartening to see a Libertarian Society form at QUB. May it go forth and prosper.

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