Russia fingered in FT hack

FT executive Andrew Betts put’s his hands up to letting some Syrian phishermen into his FT Gmail account. He publishes a statement from the SEA claiming that Syria “is simply defending its soil” and the the rebels aren’t a very nice bunch. There is actually not a lot new in the statement that anyone with ears hasn’t heard already, but Andrew shares this tidbit:

This is a technical post about security, so I won’t comment on the above apart from to say that the activity we see from the SEA comes from Russia as well as Syria.

He also mentions:

The emails contained a link, which appeared to be an article on, but was actually a link to an already hacked WordPress site (rather a high profile one but we thought it rude to name them

Well, I do know who’s blog that was, but there is, of course, no need to be rude.

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