Independence Day summer social – that’s July 4th

The usual Thursday drinking slot is coming up on July 4th – a happy co-incidence that gives us a chance to raise a glass to the founding fathers and discuss the intricacies of early American politics and philosophy. You could also, of course, discuss anything else you want. This is an informal drinks event to discuss Libertarian theories, recent news and events in general, the state of libertarianism in the various parties and in the culture.

The venue, as ever, is the Rose and Crown on Colombo Street Southwark and thanks to generous people waving marked notes there will be sandwiches and sausage rolls to help get you through the evening. The function room is available, but let’s take advantage of the weather and start the evening outside if possible. Lord knows what kind of weather we’ll get this though! Be prepared to search about a bit.

Optionally RSVP via meetup. Thanks.

One Comment

  1. A stack of books was left behind outside clearly belonging to a Libertarian. I took them home. Anyone to claim them?



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