Greenpeace won’t win over motorists with this stunt

Sky are reporting that Greenpeace protestors are scaling the Shard to unveil a giant artwork. It is an attempt to embarrass Shell, who have offices near to the Shard (if a 30 minute walk to Waterloo is ‘near’).

The Sky article makes no criticism of the protestors ideals but, interestingly, does not contain any quotes from Greenpeace addressing the effect agenda will have on oil prices and motorists in particular. I don’t think hardworking asphalt fans are going to be impressed by abstract efforts to keep the arctic “pure” at the expense of ever higher oil prices. And nor should they, oil is used to serve mankind and by ignoring that Greenpace show that for them human comfort is not a priority. They are putting “nature” first.

UPDATE 1/2: from the scene, evidence that they are unlikely to win over fans of the NHS or other emergency services. The amount of kit dedicated to the response is really impressive:


Two fast response cars and two trucks

The two front vehicles look like support trucks. They aren’t ambulances but are driven by uniformed NHS staff. They look pretty bored.



Okay, I’m impressed. That speck at the top, on the edge there, that’s a person.

UPDATE 2/2: Blogging earned me a slot on the radio for the WHYS lunchtime program and then again in the afternoon.

As Brian Mickletwait points out, the slots did not directly address the issue being protested about. In fact it was very clear that the radio host did not want to focus on the climate issue. It was made hard to talk about it.


  1. Good point and well articulated on the BBC World Service earlier today!

    Some good additional points on this stunt being more about the Greenpeace brand rather than getting into the full detail of the actual issue, and as always, such stunts going to the extreme of costing tax payers’ money! Well done on the live coverage outside the Shard!



  2. I don’t support the particular aims of Greenpeace but I’m in favour of peaceful demonstrations and of stunts like this.
    Whether or not it furthers the interests of the Greenopeace brand is something I don’t care about; the participants and the organisation can decide if it was worth it.
    As for the cost to taxpayers, very little. It could all have been dealt with by one police car and two officers.
    The cost is because of the wholly disproportionate level of response by the emergency services, and that was a political decision to enable them to say ‘Look how much the protest costs the taxpayers.’
    It could have been dealt with by closing all access into the building from the areas the climbers were on, clearing 15 or 20 feet at the foot of the building in case a climber fell, and then waiting.
    The photo you show is just of unnecessary and expensive PR by the authorities.
    And while those resources were waiting and being wasted at the Shard they were not available for use in other locations.
    The villains here are most certaInly not the protestors; they are the decision makers of the emergency services.



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