1. With the cultural institution of marriage dying (about half of children are now born out of wedlock in Britain and the United States – and many couples break up anyway) why do homosexuals want to get in on the act? It is a bit like tying to get ON (rather than off) a sinking ship. Is it really just a desire for equality (hardly a libertarian principle) or is there something else at work?

    After all no law stops a private voluntary ceremony now (call it what you like – as long as no one is forced to “recognise” it) – or the friends of a homosexual couple calling one man the wife of another man (go ahead – I repeat GO AHEAD, it is nothing to do with me). So why get the STATE involved?

    I suspect it is our old friend “anti discrimination” at work – with official marriages it is payday for lawyers should anyone discriminate against homosexual couples (the modern legal doctrine, as with the dying days of the Roman Empire, is that a private business is NOT private property – that it is “public” as in “public accommodations” and “common carriers”)..

    But it is more than just getting money for lawyers – in many countries the main alternative to the state (in everything from adoption agencies to hospitals for the poor) are religious foundations – with one move “Gay Marriage” makes them all de facto illegal (as, by definition, they “discriminate”).

    All destroyed (by the back door) and without any need to formally declare de facto state monopoly of health, education and welfare.

    As for the corporations?

    Cowards as usual.

    And it not just Twitter – trying desperately to gain the favour of the university crowd (who will still hate “corporate fat cats” no matter what they do).

    The libertarian head of Amazon spends money on politics.

    Does he campaign for lower taxes? Less government Welfare State spending? An end to “anti trust” and other arbitrary regulations?

    No – he campaigns for Gay Marriage.

    That is a safe thing to do – because Christians, Orthodox Jews (and so on) are not going to arrive and smash your house. Campaign for less government – and “Occupy” may turn up on your doorstep.

    Campaign for Gay Marriage and “Occupy” will love you – at least that is the theory…….

    It will not work – the leftists will cut the throats of the “Progressive” rich with as much joy as they will cut the throats of the “reactionary” rich.

    However, I am old and tired – and I am not sure I care anymore. I am certainly sick of trying to protect these self destructive idiots. After all there has never been anything in it for me (yes an unashamed selfish thought).

    If a rich person really wants “equality” why should I risk my life trying to save them from what equality actually means? They and their family being used as butchers meat – that is what it means, that has always been behind all this Whether it is the Frankfurt School and 1960s “liberation”, the Free Love of the (totalitarian) Fabians in the early 1900s, or (going right back) Rousseau and the Germanic versions of him in the 1700s. Get rid of “reactionary” civil society in the name of “freedom” and “liberation” – and impose a state that is “all in all” (totalitarianism).

    Perhaps the Duke of Orleans (“Citizen Equality” – the title the richest man in France choose for himself, before the Comrades he had financed for years murdered him) ran an 18th century version of Twitter. The left in France were celebrating their mass murders (and “mass” murder is correct – hundreds of thousands of people were murdered by the Revolutionaries all over France) yesterday – they do every year. In one ceremony they get a pig and kill him before the cheering crowd – this is to celebrate the murder of the Governor of a Royal Prison (in which there were six prisoners – none there for political reasons) to whom they promised safe conduct and then (when he was foolish enough to believe them) ripped to pieces – this is the so called “Storming of the Bastille”. Perhaps they will be eating Irish babies next year – after all it is legal (or soon will be) to kill them now, and as Prof Singer of Princeton argues (him being a leading leftist “moral philosopher”) one should not waste human flesh…..

    Still back to “Citizen Equality”.

    Am I going to pretend that I care that the Duke of Orleans were murdered – no I am not.

    After all he had voted for the death of his own cousin (the King – a blameless if hopelessly weak, man who had never shown him anything but kindness). So I do not really care that the Duke of Orleans was murdered by his “friends” – indeed I rather hope they buggered him first.

    Just kidding……..

    At least about having doubts about whether it is worthwhile to continue to fight these devils.

    It is always worth fighting them (to the best of my pathetically low ability) – not for the sake of rich idiots (who subsidise their own future executioners), but for its own sake.



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