Brazil Screening and the future

A few weeks ago I just decided I felt like watching a few libertarian films, and so casually asked around on Facebook. Sam Bowman suggested Brazil to me, and I must admit I had never heard of it in my life before then. I really wasn’t expecting the film to be quite so.. eclectic but I loved it. I immediately set about organizing a screening. In all honesty there wasn’t much strategic thinking going on. It went ahead on Saturday August 3rd at the Everyman Theatre in Baker Street.

In the end the event didn’t get quite enough turn out, but that wasn’t really my main aim, watching a great film with many people who loved it just the same, and a several hour pub chat with a couple dozen libertarians, many of whom I hadn’t seen on the scene before was all that was needed to make it worthwhile.

ingsocGiven that this event was so enjoyable I couldn’t help but organise another. On Sunday 8th September I’ll be putting on a screening in the late afternoon/evening at a lovely venue in London of the 1984 film Nineteen Eighty-Four. This one at least needs no introductions, being as it is based on one of the most famous books ever. And very apt it is to our times; more than ever with things like the NSA scandal coming to light.

All in all Brazil was an excellent event and I hope you can come to the next one on September 8th.

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