Theresa May oversees detention of Journalist’s partner

© Theresa May

© Theresa May

The NSA row spills over into persecution of non-combatants as the leading journalist’s partner is detained under abused anti-terror legislation for the legal maximum time. Glenn Greenwald writes:

to start detaining the family members and loved ones of journalists is simply despotic. Even the Mafia had ethical rules against targeting the family members of people they felt threatened by.

I can’t help noticing that the person detained is both foreign and homosexual. Did Theresa May think she would get away with it because fewer people would care about such a person (and maybe they don’t) or is she simply failing to keep across her brief during recess?

May cannot win on this one. If she’s involved she is worse than the mafia, if not involved, then why the hell not? Alternatively, is the obvious abuse of terror legislation something the home secretary considers uncontroversial? I think we can correct her on that one.


UPDATE: It is worth mentioning that hubby was not in-fact a non-combatant. He was on the journalists team and Greenwald was apparenlty dishonest on that point, but this does not mean Miranda is a terrorist or that May is right. Louise Mench, in the link, supposes Miranda is a terrorist for commenting upon an electronic system. That’s clearly false. Commentary is not a DDoS attack!


Slider illustration courtesy of the Home Office


  1. Given confirmation of political involvement in this matter, how is one made to believe that this was an unbiased decision taken by the police. It’s really sad and scary to see this level of control exerted by the politicians and police.

    It’s interesting to note however how the acts of terrorism have really changed our lives for the worse. The terrorists are achieving what they wanted to achieve. They have spread the terror, provided politicians with the tool to control our lives, and provided the public with a reason to think that all that control is justified. Apart from the last point, the western culture is beginning to bear some similarities with a familiar oppressed / corrupt culture of the east…



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