1. I am a Rand Paul supporter – I suppose this puts me on the same side, on this, as Julian Assange, politics certainly makes strange bed fellows.

    By the way Sarah Palin declared that she was on the side of “Team Rand” against the Security State supported by Governor Chris Christie.

    If people from the left really do come over and start supporting Rand Paul, this could mean that in 2016 people who screamed abuse (the most vile and personal abuse – including against her young children) in 2008 are on the same side as Sarah Palin (perhaps at the very same events – supporting Rand Paul).

    Again – politics makes strange bed fellows.

    Of course if Rand Paul was actually elected – and started to slash the Welfare State in 2017 (as he would have to do – to save the United States from collapse) the alliance would collapse. The left would be happy with a more careful foreign policy and with a restoration of civil liberties – but they would not be happy (to put it mildly) with less government spending domestically.

    The left still have not grasped the basic truth understood by German thinkers even in the time of Frederick the Great – the “compassionate” state and the Police State are two sides of the same coin.



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