Possible protest and timelines

There is much talk on Facebook about a possible street protest outside the High Courts. James Rigby (Pro Liberty Party) suggested, quite rightly, that this would have more impact than just letter writing. I suggested we should test demand and see. We can obviously do both.

The goal would be to reframe the debate about the travesty of Theresa May abusing the law of the land to achieve arbitrary ends. It will be both a principled and personal protest to send the message that politicians with bad un-democratic principles are not acceptable.

Planning is somewhat dependant on the time of the hearings. I have only found daily lists of causes, published only the day before. Law Blogger “Head of Legal” does give some details about what the schedule of the case might look like:

a further, fuller hearing will be held next Friday about whether the interim order should continue, or else be lifted or varied pending the hearing of the full judicial review

[Do read the whole post. It makes interesting reading]

In the meantime, who’s up for a little street theatre next Friday? If the demand is there I’ll to organise. I have some very funny ideas for theme and artwork (well, I like them). Alternatively, we could wait until the main hearing which is actually a lot more on topic.

“Like” the posting above to get involved.

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