Objectivist horror novel creeping up on Twilight

Another unexpected success. To add to the Chinese happily receiving training in austrian economics that objectivist ghost horror novel I was looking forward to (which I can tell you starts really very well) has crept up the best seller tables and is hot on the heels of teen blockbuster Twilight:



Having had a look at the table, getting to number 25 is actually indicative of greater sucess that you might expect. Much of the rest of the table consists of the various parts of different series of books, all enjoying a separate entry.

The book seems to deserve it. My last installment was a well-integrated info-dump about the lead character’s grim personal history – the death of his parents and his trouble coping with their loss and bonding to his grandmother who would be his new guardian. The juxtaposition of several unlikely yet emotive details is no convincingly real that I was left with impression that the author was writing from experience. I have no idea if that is true, but it was a very moving section and contained just a tiny and very senstitive touch of positive philosophical content.

This movement needs artists, writers and filmographers. Here we have one who is doing very well.


  1. One could guess what an Objectivist ghost story would be about.

    It would be about how the ghost did not really exist – how the illusion was created and why. Unless the “ghost” was actually a mental problem……

    But I have not read the book – so I do not know.



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