Miriam Carey: Quis Custodiet etc.

Another gun death in America, but don’t expect an outcry from the anti-gun lobby this time. Instead, the gang who chased and shot dead Miriam Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist, will be hailed as heroes. It’s amazing what difference a black uniform and a badge makes.

Already the establishment media is pumping out details of the victim’s mental health records, crafting a narrative to explain away why she had to die, even though she was not armed and had got out of her car when they shot her.

What seems to have happened is; she took a wrong turning and found herself suddenly surrounded by thugs waving guns at her and she panicked. Maybe she thought they were criminals. Maybe she was right. After all, they did rob her of her life.

Perhaps I’m leaping to conclusions before all the facts are clear, or to put it another way, perhaps I’m acting like a trigger-happy DC cop.


  1. The car was stationary, the baby was pulled out of the car, and then they killed her. Even if one wants to excuse cops acting in the heat of the moment, it’s disgusting that this is being seen as a heroic act.



  2. Getting the facts clear would at least help me to understand this story.

    Did she “take a wrong turning”?

    Or did she crash the barriers outside the White House?

    Or did she attempt to ram a barricade?

    Or what?

    It is often difficult to what actually happened, because journalists feel compelled to make their story read well, and feel that to spell out the details of an event as it occurred is somehow unprofessional.



  3. And more things that I wonder about . . .

    What are the sources for the accounts that we are getting?

    Are there any independent witnesses – who were close enough to the scene to actually see what happened? The lady in the CNN report saw something of what happened – but certainly didn’t see all of it.

    Why didn’t the police shoot out the tyres of Carey’s vehicle instead of shooting her?

    How many bullets did they actually put into her?

    Why do press reports refer to Carey as “the suspect”? I thought that a suspect was a person who was suspected of committing a crime. Since I can’t see what crime was committed, does it now mean “someone one suspects might be about to commit a crime”?

    And why do I keep thinking of plebgate?



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