Free lunches

I’m sympathetic to some of the folks on the left, but what they don’t realize is that ‘corporatism’, meaning government-corporate partnerships is only possible (actually inevitable) once you’ve injected government into the economy.

© Steve Jurvetson

© Steve Jurvetson

And you injected government into the economy the moment you preached two things: #1 that government should provide goods and services beyond the defense of individual rights and #2 when you decided that corporations should be subject to the whim of frat-boy baby kissing back-slapping glad-handing political types.

Corporatism is a symptom of socialism — an inevitable and (sometimes) unintentional byproduct of expanded government power.

free lunch


If you were to merely say that kids should have free lunches at school, you have created a new government-corporate partnership. Someone would be getting that contract and providing those lunches, and he would not get the business based on merit but on his political connections.

You can’t evade the fact that the world we live in is the accumulated ass-hattery of a century of socialist programs.

  1. “Do-gooders” turn the capitalist state into the socialist state, opening the floodgates of state power.
  2. Opportunists take advantage of that new power, just as sea creatures cluster around thermal vents. Corporations and Government work together and become more corrupt. Those who prefer honest work in a free market are pushed out.
  3. A fascist state emerges, causing ever more people to scream about “selfishness” and “corporatism”, ramping up the calls for ever more socialism and ever more regulatory and redistributionary schemes. This slowly creates a merger of business and government as the government starts eating various industries causing:
  4. The communist or totalitarian state, at which point the entire nation is subject to the whims of a few at top.

Dear leftists — don’t point fingers. Look in the mirror.

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  1. The more regulated an economy is the more opportunity there is for corruption. “Business is corrupt politicians are corrupt” say the left – “therefore the government must have wider powers” they then say – not understanding that they have just contradicted themselves.

    However, the real problem is not corruption – the real problem is the nature of regulation itself how it means a small enterprise just can not (legally) operate – a “one man band” oes not have a legal department, a small businessman just does not have the time or resources to deal with a spiders web of regulations.

    It is not true that “business controls government”(that is an old Marxist lie – and someone who pushes such a lie is no libertarian) – but it is true that a large enterprise (with a legal department and so on) stands a better chance of surviving regulations (although they are a vast COST even for the largest enterprises) than a small enterprise does.



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