Cyclists: Spend it yourselves

Tonight hundreds of cyclists will leave work early in order to stage their deaths in central London as part of a “mass die-in” outside TfL.

This peaceful protest is asking for:

The Mayor and Boroughs to spend at least the same per person on cycling provision as The Netherlands (the UK spends about £1.25 per person – The Netherlands spends about £33 per person);

It occured to me that all of the people taking part are spending perhaps a couple of hours of work time on decorating their bikes, getting there safely and in plenty of time, and dying theatrically. That equates to spending of roughly £26 each in labour only. Given their target of obtaining funding of £33 per person (presumably per cyclist?), or just £2.75 per month why don’t they just stay at work and pool the money between themselves? Given the level of concern on this issue I’m sure the mayor would procure the necessary permissions for them to develop their own cycle routes with their own money.

£2.75 is less than some people spend saving lives in Africa, why not spend it on your own lives here rather than asking others to pay for you.


  1. yeah, where shall i transfer my 33gbp to? roads are built by the state and there is not much i can do with my 33gbp. even if we collect couple of millions.



      1. and how many people would sign up for that, may be 20 or 30? IMHO it’s more efficient to organise such an event and lobby it, after all I would prefer that the taxes I pay will be spent not on xenophobic DailyMail readers or their UKIP party, but infrastructure.


      2. Is that actually any better for anyone’s individual rights? You are still taking money from others to satisfy your particular needs.

        As for efficiency, I would suggest it is much more efficient to club together and pay for something than tax the entire population to do so, that’s basic Austrianism.

        The only problem is we are not used to doing things that way, but once 100 things have happened like this there will be websites and bureaucratic procedures and self-help articles telling us all about it.


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