Bezos eats Volokh Conspiracy

News Busters comments on hiring activity at the Washington Post. Mr JournoList Ezra Klein is out and Eugene Volokh “known in the web world for his libertarian-conservative political views” is in:

The Volokh hire is an interesting one as it brings some more balance to the paper while also ensuring that the intellectual calibre of the Post will increase. There has long been speculation that the Post’s new owner Jeff Bezos is a libertarian moderate. The recent move indicates those rumors may be correct. If they are, it would be a very welcome voice to hear in the American media discussion, one which is independent of liberal group-think but also forces conservatives to become more intellectually rigorous.

News Busters

We had a conversation here about Bezos, and the attacks on him, when he bought up the paper.

By the way, if you visit you are now redirected to the Washington Post. Bezos seems to have acquired the whole blog.


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