Arrest Blair: Monbiot is right


I have in the past attacked George Monbiot for his views on economics and other related matters, but I wholly concur with his desire to have Tony Blair arrested, in pursuit of which he is offering plucky citizens a reward for attempting a citizen’s arrest on the man.

It is of course true that such attempted citizen’s arrests are unlikely to have any legal effect, due to Blair being surrounded by armed guards in the employ of the state, whose wages we are forced to pay, and the lack of political will from the establishment to see one of their own brought to justice. Nevertheless, the continuing impunity of Mr Blair is a disgrace to our nation, and it is our duty to the rest of humanity to deal with the matter.

There can be no more serious issue in politics than war, and Blair involved this country in a war which falls entirely within the definition of a crime against the peace, set forth at the time of the Nuremburg trials, although I would prefer him to be prosecuted for a common felony, such as conspiracy to murder.

Only when such politicians as Blair, and the mandarins whose names are less publicly known, but who play essential roles in the prosecution of the politicians’ schemes, are held accountable by the same law that we all must face, will they think twice before committing their crimes.

Some years ago reading ‘The Biafra Story’ by Frederick Forsyth I was struck by a number of similarities between that conflict and the war on Iraq. In both cases the government lied to the public, the press and Parliament. In both cases public opinion was heavily opposed to the actions of the government (e.g. John Lennon sent back his MBE citing the British government’s actions in Biafra, as well as the US involvement in Vietnam and the chart position of ‘Cold Turkey‘). In both cases hundreds of thousands of people died.

With Biafra, the British government and the mandarins of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were complicit in an act of genocide and not one of them was ever held accountable for the butchery they enabled. Had they been, perhaps the politicians and civil servants of our generation would not have been so quick to acquiesce in the illegal Iraq war.

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