Selling like bog paper

Some things, like obscure political monologues, sell a few thousand copies to a reluctant audience. Other, more practical things sell like buggery because people actually want them and use them regularly, like soap or bogpaper.

© Brandon Blinkenberg

© Brandon Blinkenberg

To make libertarianism sell like bogpaper, we need to find a problem that everyone wants solved, be the solution to that problem, and apply strategies that sell us successfully, online, in real life, or wherever.

Here, from the Delingpole backed Bogpaper group-blog manifesto, is something that could sell like it’s namesake:

You’re middle class and well educated and frankly pissed off because you can’t earn enough to give yourself an even half-way decent standard of living any more.

That is something that a lot of people can connect with. Not all the other stuff about gold and paper-money collapse, just that – on it’s own.

I’m so keen on this idea, I have pencilled in a debate on the topic for early September, though I may slide it back a bit so that it feels like a part of pre-Autumn statement speculations.

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