Thursday Speaker: Rob Waller

Rob describes himself as the founder of and creator of the Fakers App which assesses Twitter Follower Quality. He is also, of course, a regular at the Rose and Crown and, as an active Libertarian, the founder of the monthly meetup there.


Rob’s Faker’s App tells you how many of your Twitter followers are real people and not spam. It can also check anyone else’s account and has been featured by major news organisations across the globe who enjoyed the fact they could use it to work out how fake their favourite celebrities really were. So much media was generated, even my Mum knew of this story.

As such Rob has appeared on CNN and BBC Radio 4 to discuss social media spam and has become the preeminent pundit in this particular problem. He has also participated in start up eventsconferences and conducts his own private social media training.

By trade Rob is a web developer and spent the last 7 years working as a coder in the digital marketing industry with a specific focus on Email and Social Media. His technical interest is on measuring the effectiveness of email and social media campaigns, and he will be telling us what he has learned about how effective marketing campaigns are done.

Rob will be speaking tomorrow Thursday 3rd April at the Rose and Crown. If you cannot wait Rob has published a taster on his blog. In a word: making connections.

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