Brexit “will make such assaults less difficult to escape”

There are lots of reasons for objecting to how Europe is currently run and I want out of the EU, although unlike some of those who want to quit, want to do so for pro-freedom reasons, not due to nationalism or terror about immigrants. I have no illusions, of course, about national courts and parliaments in that they can be just as moronic in trying to oppress freedom of speech as a supranational one. We tend to forget that point. But national stupidity can be easier to circumvent than transnational stupidity. Anyone who takes civil liberties and freedom of speech issues seriously ought, in my judgement, to want to see the entire European superstate edifice crumble into dust. It won’t end assaults on freedom, but it will make such assaults less difficult to escape.

Johnathan Pearce over at Samizdata. Nothing new really, but nicely summed up.

One Comment

  1. I just listened to the leader of the French National Front (getting a fawning interview over on “Russia Today” – and if anyone thinks that is a surprise, you do not know as much as you think you do about history) denouncing the “ultra” free market policies of the European Union (free market fundamentalists……).

    Of course the E.U. does NOT follow a free market policy (“ultra” or otherwise) – but COMPARED TO THE FRENCH NATIONAL FRONT it does (the FN – being “ultra” statist and collectivist).

    The enemy of my enemy is NOT always my friend – I am totally against the European Union, but I will not get into bed with these people.

    In short – J.P. is correct.



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