Our own space to dance

Since it’s Friday, a little music and poetry:

What follows is a chunk of those lyrics, from just after the middle I think.

Put your hands on your hips
Bring your knees in tight
Yeah we do this shit together man
No fists, no fights
We’re not trying to change the world 
So people think like us
We just want our own space to dance,
No favours no fuss

That bit in bold was my fault. I like this bit, it’s a reminder that libertarians can and should be a benevolent species, the polar and extreme opposite of the Islamic State. We benefit from people thinking like us, and we enjoy the process of debate and persuasion but making the world into a version of ourselves is potentially dangerous. Also worth remembering is that it is not necessary.

Objectivists (I mean, objectivists unlike myself) make this mistake systemically. It is part of the official dogma that there is only one way to win the fight, which is to first persuade the world of the correctness of self-interested ethics, reversing at least 2000 years of intellectual history. This is an effort of unbounded scale.

I disagree with the dogma, I think it is possible to do that second or simultaneously, and in the meantime, one carves out ones own space to dance and if it looks like fun then people will join in.


  1. The problem occurs when a majority want to impose “their” way to dance and reject individuals and/or barge in and try to force you off the dance floor.

    It’s how and where to carve out the space that is the kicker.



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