Thursday Speaker: Andy Bolton

Andy is an outgoing, opinionated and occasionally surreal regular at the Rose and Crown. It is fortunate that he is always interesting to talk to because talking is his usual state of being. He is the only speaker ever to appear at a Libertarian Home event who – when ten minutes over a ten minute slot – I have ever had to physically block from continuing to deliver his speech. In fairness to Andy the open mic nights we hold at the Rose and Crown are barking mad affairs and the incident was well within the spirit of the evening, if not the rules.

Andy is a great example of someone who has worked hard and risen to the top of his industry. After starting out in Tescos, between 1987 and 1994 he held a series of technical roles supporting telecommunications and IT systems. From 1994 he began to manage network related strategy, to choose suppliers and manage key relationships. Come 1996 he was quickly promoted to team leader within a highly skilled third-line support team. Two years later he was a manager of capacity planning and had received industry recognition for his innovative strategy.

Between 1999 and 2001 Andy was directing long range plans for a company that seems to deliver about half the internet. Twelve years ago, Andy completed his journey to the top by co-founding a company with former colleagues and is now the chief exec. He employs 30 people, and turns over £2 million a year.

As a political animal Andy started young. Andy was a part of the original thrust of libertarian entryists to the Conservative Party’s youth wing and was a contemporary of people such as John Bercow, who has – let’s face it – ended up in a rather different place. Today Andy is a twitter demagogue and blogs at

Having spoken to Andy in the past about his ideas for activism I believe Andy is about to deliver a talk with which I will fundamentally agree. He will talk about getting on and delivering new ways of doing things now, despite all the challenges and without necessarily getting our hands dirty in politics.

Andy will be giving the evening talk on Thursday 4th September at the Rose and Crown.

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