Wonderful force multipier employed by Stop The War

What are this sorry lot upto?


Out numbered two to one by their collection of placards this does not look all that impressive.

But wait… Who are they waving the placards at? Parliament? No. They are waving them at this lot:


And all these guys:




Clever huh? What they have done is found the spot outside parliament where the news crews set up so they can broad cast pieces with Parliament in the background. The placards should easily get in the frame.

In the white gazeebo are Kay Burley and Dermot Murnaghan, they’ll be broadcasting live on Sky News, so there will be no time to edit out the placards.

Nice work socialists! You guys have been doing this a while obviously.

But wait! Seven people, some little placards and a Unite flag. They will look tiny in the back of a long shot and will be easily obscured by Kay’s lovely red locks. You, sirs, need a bigger banner!

But wait! It appears they have brought one!


Now that is truly truly clever.

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