Full Video: The Causes of the Cost of Living Crisis

The cause of the cost of living crisis in Britain is Government. That is the overwhelming message of our October 23rd panel event. The panel discussed the origins of the meme, the origins of the crisis. We agreed that a decent standard of living is to be earned, not taken from others.

On food pricing, the EU’s subsidies and trade barriers force tax payers to pay to increase the price of food, with ridiculous examples of agricultural subsidies flowing into London boroughs.

On energy, it is Government policy to restrict the demand for energy by increasing the price of it with carbon trading and micromanagement of the energy sector.

On housing, we didn’t even cover the money supply, but there was unanimous agreement that planning restrictions, especially the green belt undercut supply and force prices up.

On all our simple pleasures, and many of our necessities, indirect taxation adds 37% to the tax bill of the poorest in society.

Inequality is falling and the 1% are no longer racing ahead. It is time to end the war on wealth and give people the freedom to produce it, and the freedom to teach each other how.

Today George Osborne will be telling us how much Government can afford to give us – give it a break George.


  1. Good news the government is going to balance the budget – bad news not till the end of the next Parliament. Till then taxpayers money will be used (in “loans” and grants and direct spending) to rip up what is left of England. And the opposition say the government should do it MORE (that Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne are too moderate).

    I need a walk.



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