Things you can’t say about culture that are true

I have been called a “bigot”, a “reactionary”, a “racist” and a “right wing nutter” on social media for my objection to multiculturalism. For those that were hurling these insults I was simply prejudiced and objecting to the very concept of our diverse, multi-racial society. For them “multiculturalism” is an attempt to create tolerance and harmony amongst multi-ethnic groups and do away with the supposedly chauvinistic concept of a dominant culture that assimilates sub cultures and unites them into a national culture.

For me, and many others, multiculturalism is a divisive ideology that encourages cultures to be conservative to the extent of being inward looking and resistant to integration. It leads to some of the diverse groups that make up our society living separate lives. It is cultural relativism with a different name; the self-evidently false notion that all cultures are of equal merit, are worthy of equal respect and that one culture should not seek to dominate another.

The worst thing about it is that it falsely ties up culture with race, making it impossible to criticise elements of certain cultures without being accused of being racist. This restriction on freedom of speech has already caused enormous damage; isolated communities, segregated cities, the blind eye turned to grooming gangs, and a simmering resentment in our society that puts a strain on social cohesion.

Multiculturalism became the ideology of the state with perverse results. In its attempts to neutralise racism, Britain has become a racialist country because the state tracks the ethnicity of citizens at every available opportunity. To promote inclusivity and combat discrimination, we are racially profiled.

Each ethnic and religious group began to be treated only as a group, and their culture, religion and identity promoted by the state, which in-turn turned blind eye to the elements of that culture that were incompatible with the dominant culture and sometimes even the law of the land.

The government attempted to create better lines of communications with the “Muslim community” (itself an oft used false phrase suggesting homogeneity) by giving false authority to self-professed “community leaders”. This was little different to the methods of social control in the colonies. It promotes the conservation of tribal culture within British society, causes divisions and mutes the voices of individuals within the community who do not feel represented by the “community leaders” who act as emissaries.

I am not a racist, ethnicity is skin deep. It is culture that is important, and we should be free to criticise culture, because they are not all the same and they are not all of equal merit. In the programme “Things We Won’t Say about Race that are True” we are confronted with statistics about different races:

“A third of London pickpockets are Romanian; black people are six times as likely to be jailed for robbery; the Chinese are tops at people-trafficking; when it comes to drug dealing, Afro-Caribbeans are pathetic amateurs compared to the Colombians; meanwhile, white idiots are the national champs of alcohol-fuelled crime.”

The real reason we should be able to discuss these things is because it is absolutely nothing to do with race at all, thus to point these things out is not racist. The fact that Romanians are statistically more likely to be pick pockets or white Britons more likely to be drunken louts is nothing to do with ethnicity; it is entirely to do with culture.

The “Muslim” rape gangs are not representative of the Asian community, and their actions say nothing of their ethnicity; they are displaying the traits of a misogynistic and racist tribal/religious culture. Romanian pickpockets come from a poor and historically corrupt country, that is the cultural baggage of the pickpockets, their skin colour is not a factor.

The drunken lout white Britons are a rotten part of our own culture. We have lost the culture of self-restraint and personal responsibility that became a national characteristic in the religious revival of the nineteenth century. We return to being known across Europe as debauched, emotionally incontinent, louts much like our reputation in the eighteenth century. It is all about culture. We should be free to criticise others as we criticise our own, that is far more likely to lead to unity than our current blinkered ideological approach.

The restrictions on freedom of speech caused by the ideology of multiculturalism/cultural relativism has created a tense atmosphere in which it is perceived to be bigoted to criticise a culture, or to point out a damaging or undesirable element of a culture, or to assert the superiority of one culture over another. This also means that you cannot combat the actual racist assumption that such negative traits are in-fact something to do with race, which justifies the bigot’s discrimination against ethnic groups as a whole. It also means you cannot weed out the negative elements of a new culture as it assimilates into a host culture.

If we can start to say these things, we can start to unpick them and put ethnicity to one side. We can then forge a unifying culture together, a concept so wrongly criticised and over simplified. A national culture or “monoculture” is not about uniformity can be incredibly diverse and have many shades, it is unifying and need not have anything to do with race. This is already evident in our ethnically mixed communities that are well integrated.

I have witnessed the segregation and resentment in Bradford, but I have also seen how integration works in the multi-ethnic communities of Wakefield. There you’ll find White, Asian, Indian and Afro-Caribbeans living together as proper Yorkshire folk and Britons.This cannot be achieved across the country through cultural relativism or state interference, nor if we are not free to speak the truth. Ethnicity need not divide us, but culture can, and ideology will.


  1. Even the Chancellor of Germany (supposedly a conservative – really centre left) admits that multiculturalism has been a disaster. The French socialists even admit it has been a disaster.

    But then Europeans remember that multiculturalism was an idea of the Frankfurt School (heretic Marxists). If we English speakers point this out we get “McCarthyite” screamed at us.

    For myself that is not a problem – as I think that the late Senator Joe McCarthy was more correct than he was in error (I take the same line as the recently dead M. Stanton Evans the author of “Blacklisted By History”). But for a young person being screamed at as “right wing” or “McCarthyite” can be upsetting.

    Anyway – Multiculturalism is not even proper Marxism, it is Frankfurt School playpen Marxism (Columbia university stuff – like Mr Obama).



  2. By the way the point of Mr Kelly that culture (behaviour) is not determined by biological race is quite correct.

    Sometimes I think the “New Left” (as well as the National Socialist “right”) think that race does determine culture (much like those German philosophers – nice Mr Herder and nasty Mr Fichte), otherwise why are they so obsessed with the matter?



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