Activists defame UKIP at London train station


This leaflet was being handed out at London Bridge station this evening by a team of activists from Stand Up To UKIP. The tagline reads “UKIP is a racist far-right party that loves the rich”.

It’s content is clearly defamatory and it’s truth will no doubt be disputed.


Anti UKIP activist

Stand Up to UKIP describe themselves as “an umbrella organisation which believes women, trade unions, anti-
racists, black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, other faith communities, LGBT, young people, students and all good people, must unite and stand up to UKIP”, a statement that cleverly fails to name who is within the umbrella.

One of the activists, pictured above, was believed to be carrying a copy of a socialist publication.

UKIP press officer Gowain Towler tweeted “truly bored by them, aggressive, angry people, whose ideology cannot be softened by logic or evidence”.


  1. According to the local socialist leaflets – I (and my fellow Conservatives on Kettering Council) are “male, pale and stale”.

    “Sexism” (“male”), “racism” (“pale”), and “ageism” (“stale”) does not apply if it is done in the “Progressive” cause. Nor does it matter that many of the Conservative candidates are female and at least three of the candidates are in their 20s – as objective truth does not exist (according to the left).

    “But Paul in your personal case YOU ARE male-pale-stale”.

    Yes – I admit it (one is as old as one feels – so I am 92). And I have a “negative depressed attitude” as well (as I was reminded today).

    As for this weird socialist attack on UKIP.

    I see so “LGBT” people and “Muslims” are uniting to fight against UKIP?


    Oh I see, it is because “UKIP loves the rich”.

    Class War socialist crap.

    As for UKIP being “racist”.

    I would say “daftly obsessed about the immigration of East Europeans” but as Eastern Europeans are not a different “race” than the English, the charge of “racism” is absurd.



    1. Chances of UKIP lowering taxes are much-much lower than increasing probability of xenophobia against hindu/white non-british/etc. Whatever smashes UKIP is good, every little helps..



  2. Every time I encounter these anti-UKIP activists, I resolve to vote UKIP.

    And then I encounter and read some UKIP election literature, and the resolution evaporates.



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