LPUK is getting through press officers

The Libertarian Party has appointed a new Press Officer named David Parry, a poet and wiccan, effective this Thursday.

Strangely, the website lists someone called Sean Clarke as in charge of “Press & Promotion”, but that was not David’s predecessor. The guy who wore that badge at Liberty League looked very different indeed.

So many press people in so little time is a sign of trouble at the mill.

Strangely David Parry is a (politically incorrect, or worse) “National Anarchist”. National Anarchism is a new one on me, but regardless anarchists, capitalist ones, did not used to be welcome as members of the Libertarian Party. That makes this a very peculiar appointment.


  1. Curious. Parry’s Wikipedia entry reads as though he wrote it himself. The convulsions in LPUK seem a little like a death agony.



  2. UKIP went through a similar phase in around 1999. It all sounds rather Judean Peoples’ Front. Is it now time to revive and appropriate, or even ‘liberate’ the name of the ‘National Liberal’ party?

    For those who have never heard of this party, it existed until the late 1960s until it merged with the Conservative Party. John Nott, Mrs Thatcher’s SoS for Defence was initially a National Liberal, before he lost the Falklands and gained a knighthood.



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